If you are planning a successful birthday party for your kid, who is aged between 9-12 years, here are some tips on themes and party planning tips.

The first and most important thing to do is to hire a professional Los Angeles magician. You may not believe but it is true that children love magicians and the magic tricks performed by them. Hence, if you are planning a birthday party, don’t forget to hire a professional kids’ birthday party magician.

Here are some other important magic party planning tips:

  • Tip one : Magic party date and time need to be fixed way ahead of time. This will make sure that your Magician reaches the party on time.
  • Tip two : Make sure that you fix up an appointment with the Magician way ahead of the date of party. This is to ensure that he is not engaged elsewhere.
  • Tip three : Do research on the magician and other party planners you consider to hire for your kid’s birthday party in LA. This will help you compare services, prices, experience and caliber of the magicians in Los Angeles.
  • Tip four : The magic tricks you decide on to be displayed in the party should be best suited for kids aged 9-12. Kids in this age group are old enough and usually enjoy a little advanced type of magic tricks. Make sure that the Magician you hire for your child’s birthday party keeps this in mind before performing the tricks.
  • Tip five : When you have already decided on a magic theme for your child’s birthday party, keep other things simple. Most parents make the mistake of mixing everything together. This messes up everything. If it is a magic party, ensure that other things around the party area match the theme perfectly.

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